Tab Kit

Tab Kit 0.5.8

Take your Firefox tabs to a new level


  • Group tabs from same domain or opener
  • Auto-collapse inactive groups
  • Close multiple tabs at once


  • Tab colors are often unpleasant and sometimes distracting

Very good

The funny thing about tabs is that once you start to use them, they seem to multiply on your window, and, before you know it, you have twenty sprawling out across the top. It can become confusing, especially for people like my mom, who breaks out in a cold sweat as soon as her tabs top 5. Obviously, a little tab management is in order.

Tab Kit is a Firefox add-on designed to do just that. It is packed with umpteen configuration options to that you can make your browsing experience as customized as possible for you. The tabs can be displayed on any edge of the browser and in multiple rows if they are horizontal. You can then modify the tab action by right-clicking or opening up the Tab Kit options menu. You can also modify the appearance of the tabs themselves, picking their size, compatibility with any themes installed and degree of color saturation.

Another nice feature is Tab Kit's ability to group related tabs and set them to collapse when inactive. This saves space on your browser and makes the whole window more attractive. You can also protect important tabs from accidental closure, duplicate tabs and mark them as unread. Tab Kit's organizational functions are also useful, with the option to sort your tabs by a range of criteria, including last viewed, last loaded and page title.

Some internet users open hundreds of tabs, while others stop and "organize" when we get to a certain limit. If you are a tab-tidier, Tab Kit will probably offer you too many options that you just don't need. If you are tab maniac, however, the extra organizational power it provides might just take you that bit closer to tab nirvana.

Tab Kit - serious tab boosting for heavy tab users.

Tab Kit


Tab Kit 0.5.8

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